Simon Grand

Simon Grand

Simon Grand

Prof. Dr.
Ständiger Dozent mit Titularprofessur für Strategisches Management und Management Innovation
Dufourstrasse 40a
9000 St. Gallen
  • Entrepreneurial Strategizing
  • Strategic Management
  • Management-Innovation
  • Strategy as Process and Practice
  • Strategy Design
  • Strategy as Process and Practice
  • Strategic Management and Entreprenership
  • Technology and Management Innovation
Weitere Forschungsgebiete
  • Executive Management and Corporate Governance
  • Strategic Organization
  • Strategic Sensemaking
  • Routine Dynamics
  • Research Methodologies and Practices

_ Since 2013: Private Lecturer (Privatdozent) for Strategic Management at the University of St. Gallen.

_ 2005-2012: Habilitation: Routines, Strategies and Management: Engaging for recurrent creation ‘at the edge’ (habilitation accepted in summer 2013, University of St. Gallen).

_ 1992-1997: PhD studies and research associate in organization theory and epistemology of organization studies at the University of Zurich (Institute of Business Research) / PhD Dissertation: Paradoxical organization of multinational corporations (summa cum laude).

_ 1994-1996: Research Project: Organizational issues in multinational companies, based on an in-depth case study in the top management of ABB (Business Segment Industrial and Building Systems), including research activities at ABB in Europe, US, India, Japan, Taiwan.

_ 1996-1997: Research Fellow in epistemology and philosophy of the social sciences at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales E.H.E.S.S., Paris.

_ 1993-1997: Fellow Schweizerische Studienstiftung, Zürich.

_ 1987-1992: Studies in economics, sociology and philosophy at the University of Zurich.


_ Since 2017: Associate Professor for Strategic Management and Management-Innovation, University of St. Gallen

_ Since 2013: Academic Co-Director, Research Program St. Gallen Management Model ( University of St. Gallen

_ 2012-2016: Assistant Professor for Strategic Management, University of St. Gallen

_ Since 2012: Research Fellow for Entrepreneurial Strategies in the Creative Economies, Zurich University of the Arts (

_ Since 2011: Vice Director at the Institute for Systemic Management and Public Governance, University of St. Gallen HSG (

_ Since 2009: Head Board and Academic Director, RISE Management Innovation Lab ( / focus: Entrepreneurial Strategizing, Organizing and Managing in the Context of Technological Innovation and the Creative Economies, in long-term research partnerships with experienced executives and entrepreneurs, in the areas of Software Engineering (AdNovum, Ergon, netcetera, msg global), Pharma (Actelion, Roche, Hoechst > Sanofi-Aventis), Banking (Finnova, Leonteq, UBS Global Wealth Management), Scientific and Corporate Research (IBM Research, Zurich Artificial Intelligence Lab, CERN), Creative Economies (Com&Com, etoy, Fischbacher, Jakob Schläpfer), Engineering (Belimo Holding AG)

_ 2007-2012: Senior Researcher for Design Research and Artistic Research at the Institute for Design and Art Research, Academy of Design & Art, Basel (establishment of the research program: Design Fiction)

_ 2004-2005: Member of the Vision 2030 committee, ETH Zürich

_ 2002-2009: Founder and Managing Director, RISE Management Research (today RISE Management Innovation Lab, for further details, see above)

_ 2000-2005: Chairman of the board, NOSE Design Intelligence AG, Zürich (

_ 2000-2005: Partner and member of the executive management, NOSE Design Intelligence AG, Zürich (specialized in brand strategy, communication & knowledge design, corporate identity).

_ 1998-2000: Partner and member of the management team at PXN AG, Zürich (business unit of NOSE Design Intelligence AG). 


_ Since 1998: Teaching Activities at the University of St. Gallen (DOK Program, MOK Program, CEMS Program, ISP Program, Board School (CCG), other PhD and Master Courses (for details, see HSG Online Stundenplan)).

_ Since 1997: Guest Lectures at the Freie Universität Berlin, Jönköping University, University of Zurich (Artificial Intelligence Lab), Leuphana University Lüneburg, Copenhagen Business School (joint initiative of CBS and RISE), Academy of Art & Design Basel, Norwegian Theatre Academy, Zurich University of the Arts (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste). 


_ Academy of Management

_ European Group of Organisaion Studies

_ Strategic Management Society

Auszeichnungen _ 1993 - 1997: Fellow, Swiss Study Foundation (Schweizerische Studienstiftung)
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